The new sound of Radio 100 Copenhagen

Today, I’m in Copenhagen for Radiodays Europe 2011.

Yesterday, I took the chance to catch up with my friend Bjarke, who is the imaging director of Radio100 in Copenhagen. It’s a station I visited last time I was here – and I worked with the Programme Director Nik Goodman back when I was running the production team of the original Capital FM Network.

They’ve just launched an updated logo and refreshed on air sound – including a new station voice and new jingles – all composed and produced in-house. I was listening last night – and it has a really clean sound.

Here’s a quick video from Bjarke to show the thoughts behind the new sound – and an example of how it sounds on air.

One thought on “The new sound of Radio 100 Copenhagen

  1. It gives me hope to know there are people like Bjarke who get the importance of keys!
    To me no jingle package felt complete without having at least 6 keys covered, so you could roll into a song in a relative key, if not the same key.
    I’ve heard dance/CHR packages where all cuts are in just a couple of keys to so the jingles themselves sound “consistent” and fine on the demo, but are then completely hit & miss (ie. key-clash!) on air.

    One other thought – the “use a jingle ending in same key as song start” policy definitely gives flow but after a while you can lose the fresh attack of a new song kicking in. Sometimes going up a 4th (eg. jingle in Dmaj, song in Gmaj) is what you need for a “step up” cadence into a new song.

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