The new sound of Radio 100 Copenhagen

Today, I’m in Copenhagen for Radiodays Europe 2011.

Yesterday, I took the chance to catch up with my friend Bjarke, who is the imaging director of Radio100 in Copenhagen. It’s a station I visited last time I was here – and I worked with the Programme Director Nik Goodman back when I was running the production team of the original Capital FM Network.

They’ve just launched an updated logo and refreshed on air sound – including a new station voice and new jingles – all composed and produced in-house. I was listening last night – and it has a really clean sound.

Here’s a quick video from Bjarke to show the thoughts behind the new sound – and an example of how it sounds on air.


One thought on “The new sound of Radio 100 Copenhagen

  1. Drew says:

    It gives me hope to know there are people like Bjarke who get the importance of keys!
    To me no jingle package felt complete without having at least 6 keys covered, so you could roll into a song in a relative key, if not the same key.
    I’ve heard dance/CHR packages where all cuts are in just a couple of keys to so the jingles themselves sound “consistent” and fine on the demo, but are then completely hit & miss (ie. key-clash!) on air.

    One other thought – the “use a jingle ending in same key as song start” policy definitely gives flow but after a while you can lose the fresh attack of a new song kicking in. Sometimes going up a 4th (eg. jingle in Dmaj, song in Gmaj) is what you need for a “step up” cadence into a new song.

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