The Joy of 6 – new BBC 6 Music TV trail

This is the latest TV trail for BBC 6Music.  I particularly like the simplicity of the idea – all of the stations’ key talent actually building a radio station out of radios – and supporting the branding line of “building a digital home for music”.

TV ads/trails for radio stations are incredibly hard to get right.  Usually, it’s the simplest of ideas that work the best.

However, sometimes a simple idea doesn’t quite translate. Back when Capital FM rebranded first as Capital Radio and Capital 95.8, there was a TV ad that, whilst on paper looked great, in reality was a pretty hard watch. The idea was that Capital played music that made you want to nod along to it. The concept was great – that you’d see London from the viewpoint of someone listening to Capital on headphones  – but ultimately, was maybe asking just a little too much of the viewer.

Luckily, these days, Capital FM ads just do what they say on the tin – and BOOM – they work just fine!

2 thoughts on “The Joy of 6 – new BBC 6 Music TV trail

  1. Does anyone know the tune that plays when the man with glasses is pushing the big speakers? Thank you

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