The new sound of Radio 100 Copenhagen

Today, I’m in Copenhagen for Radiodays Europe 2011.

Yesterday, I took the chance to catch up with my friend Bjarke, who is the imaging director of Radio100 in Copenhagen. It’s a station I visited last time I was here – and I worked with the Programme Director Nik Goodman back when I was running the production team of the original Capital FM Network.

They’ve just launched an updated logo and refreshed on air sound – including a new station voice and new jingles – all composed and produced in-house. I was listening last night – and it has a really clean sound.

Here’s a quick video from Bjarke to show the thoughts behind the new sound – and an example of how it sounds on air.

Radiodays Europe 2011 #rde11

The case is packed. I’ve got a pocket full of Danish Krone. And I’m off to Copenhagen for Radiodays Europe  2011.

It’s the first time I’ve been to this European conference, though I spoke at Radiodays Denmark a couple of years ago, and am very much looking forward to experiencing the hospitality of this fine city. In fact, there’s a particularly nice bar round the corner from Radio 100 where @jamescridland, @newsleader and others enjoyed a nice variety of local brews. I’m also looking forward to catching up witha couple of old radio friends including Ryan Seacrest’s Executive Producer, Dennis Clark who I last saw when Ryan broadcast his show from Capital FM’s studios in London in 2007.

I’m on a panel entitled “Imaging and Branding – from strategy to successful branding” along with a number of other producers and presenters from the USA and Europe. I’ll include some insight from BBC Radio 1 and 2 about how their strategy feeds into their production – and how it’s more than just imaging and promos.

There’s one thing I’d have liked to show – but time precludes – and it’s this film produced by the agency PHD Worldwide. It was designed to stimulate marketeers about what our young audiences want from brands. And it’s a real eye opener. Nik Goodman wrote about it on his blog a couple of weeks ago – but if you haven’t seen it – it’s worth a watch.

So, if you are coming to RadioDays, hopefully you’ll come and say hello – or maybe Skål