MTV: It’s all about the music – again

According to a report on, MTV is going back to it’s roots and focusing more on music again.

I used to love MTV back in the 1990s – it used to play non stop on the TV screens and sound system of our student’s union building in Canterbury when C4 Radio (now CSR Canterbury) was off air – in fact the sound from MTV was our off air sustaining service. (Rights – what rights…?). High rotation of songs, lunchtime requests, Ray Cokes and Euro news.

Then they discovered Reality TV.

They have just launched the MTV Music Meter – which scans social media worldwide to find the new bands generating a buzz in the social media space.

Bloomberg quotes Dermot McCormack, who oversees digital operations:
“We want to re-associate and new-associate the MTV brand with music.” “This is aimed at finding those artists who are rising fast in the social-media conversation.”

And, as Sam Zniber noted on his blog – this could be another useful tool for radio programmers looking for the next big thing.

One thought on “MTV: It’s all about the music – again

  1. ‘They have just launched the MTV Music Meter ‘

    Interesting to see how this develops. Thanks for the info, James.

    What happens to all the reality shows? A new mtv channel?

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