Moyles World Cup Commentary

I’ve just watched the first half of the World Cup match between Spain and Germany and was listening to the alternative commentary by Chris Moyles for the Spain v Germany match.

This was a really clever idea (though shame it wasn’t on Freeview). Clever use of radio talent to provide something extra. This was squarely aimed at Radio 1 Chris Moyles fans. And it wasn’t really commentary. It was Chris doing what he normally does – with most of his audio props. It’s not something you’d necessarily watch if you were a real footy fan – but for someone with passive interest, this was great.

I noticed the BBC did something similar for F1 coverage last year – with a CBBC aimed alternative commentary. It was another way of extending the output to new audiences.

Of course, not everyone is a Moyles fan. But this was a really clever (and entertaining idea). Hopefully it won’t be a one off.

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