Celebrating the Royal Birth the Eagle Radio way

Picture - Eagle Radio
Picture – Eagle Radio

So – a new Royal baby.

What is your station doing to be topical?

Renaming the station?

Playing non stop baby songs?


Eagle Radio in Guildford have come up with a great idea – which has a strong community feel – and something really nice at the end of it.

Yasmin Bodalbhai and Lou Nash from Eagle Radio came up with the idea of “A Quilt for Kate“. It’s a really simple idea – to create a patchwork quilt to celebrate the royal baby – and involve loads of local schools from across the county.

It’s probably generated loads of local PR, schools have involved their pupils and at the end of the day, they end up with a nice gift that can be sent to the Royal Baby too. And whilst the Royal Couple will probably be inundated with plenty of similar gifts, I’m sure this one will be noticed too. And it’s a nice example of a radio station working with the local community to create something really special.

Here’s a clip of Lou talking about the project

You can find out more about the project here. I’m guessing it will be a strong entry in next year’s various radio awards in the community category too..


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