Talking directly to the listener – an opportunity for apps?


I’m a bit of a fair-weather listener to Absolute Radio. I listen to Christian O’Connell as the mood takes me but I don’t tune in every day. I tend to listen to the offshoots of AbsoluteRadio90s and Absolute80s more. I also have their OC Alarm Clock app and the Rock and Roll football app on my phone. And it’s the latter that has sparked an idea..

When I installed that app, I was asked to nominate the team I support. I’m not really a footy fan but my father in law is a season ticket holding life long Manchester United fan so I selected them. Then I forgot about it.

Now, every time they play a match and score a goal – whether or not the app is being used – my phone flashes up a goal update. I might be watching Tv. I might be surfing online. It flashes me a message. It interacts with me.

Is this an opportunity for other radio station apps? Could the Capital FM app do this? Could it ask you to input your favourite artists. Or the sort of things you are into. Or your lifestyle interests?

Then, when The Wanted were in for a chat – could it directly notify me? (I’m not a fan but my 8 year old daughter is). Or when tickets for the Summertime Ball went on sale, could they send me (her) a reminder..?

As the technology of mobile listening changes – are you thinking beyond linear listening..?

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