UK Radio heads off on Tour…

OK – not quite a world tour, but Scandinavia.



I’m off next week to speak at a couple of radio conferences. Firstly, on Wednesday 23rd September at Radiodagen in Stockholm, and then on Saturday 26th September at Radiodays in Copenhagen. It’s my first couple of conference presentations, and I’m looking forward to them. I’ll be presenting a two-part session. Firstly, I’ll be talking about some of the creative treatments we used when I was at Capital FM to promote CapitalLive – as series of live concerts and artist days that ran in the Summer of 2007. Then, I’ll be examining some of the ways that I, and my colleagues at Pure Tonic Media have used to blend artist and music imaging perceptions into our station production. There will be lots of audio (so I don’t have to talk too much) – and hopefully I’ll have managed to edit it down by the time I get there (since it currently overruns by 20 minutes or so). If you are coming to the conference – come and say hello. And don’t forget, you can find me on Twitter – @jamesstodd


I’m also looking forward to meeting up with former colleagues such as Nik Goodman, Justin Kings, and Nick Piggott, along with people such as Clive Dickens from Absolute Radio and “media futurist”, James Cridland.

James and Nick have promised to bring one of these along with them…

Pure-Sensia-UIPicture from

It’s the new DAB radio from PURE – the Sensia. It gives you radio, and pictures and applications that allow you to see all sorts of fun and games such as Twitter status updates and more.

I think it looks great – though not sure how many people will easily find the £250 that it will launch at. Then again. DAB prices have fallen and fallen now – so I’m guessing it will be in the Stodd house within the next 12 months. And it looks like it has an iPod dock too – and I still need to buy something to play that through – so now it looks more tempting. Hell – maybe I’ll have one by Easter.

To find out how it works, the aforementioned James Cridland has already examined it along with @matt. And Nick Piggott can probably tell you more about it and RadioDNS too. They know far more about it than I.

It does look like a great big rugby ball though.

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