Being Big

The other day I shared a link to this on Twitter and my friend @matt shared it on his blog

It’s a fantastic way to promote a massive event such as the MTV Video Music Awards. In fact, it’s a really good example of what you can do with some creative thinking and, I guess, a really big budget. And I wonder how many awards Britney, Katy Perry, Ne-Yo and Cobra Starship win on the night? I guess that doing this film for MTV won’t do their chances any harm.

So if MTV can do it – why can’t anyone.

NRJ did it in a similar way for their awards in January. OK – not with a song and dance spectacular. But still, featuring a load of big artists including Coldplay and Rihanna

But what stops you getting a big Hollywood Star in your video? Just a simple idea, good planning, and the balls to do it without asking I guess. Welshy – the former panel-op and audio producer on Johnny Vaughan’s Capital Breakfast show came up with this when the Bourne Ultimatum opened in London.

It may be long – but it’s a really nice idea – and the fact that they got the payoff with Matt Damon made this a really fun video – and got it some nice viral mileage as well.

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