Getting Naked – and Get talked About


If you work in a radio station, what can you see from your studio windows? From ours, there’s a burned out business, a park, and some student halls of residence.

My friend Goran Kurjak, the creative director at Antena Zagreb shared this great video with me today.

Having worked at BBC Creative Marketing, it’s always interesting to see different ways that TV stations have promoted shows on radio. This is a great example from New Zealand TV channel Prime.

Essentially, they created a 3 day stunt opposite the studios of one of the biggest stations, 91.8 More FM – where they installed a “call girl” in a flat – and somehow let them see what was going on. Being NZ radio, this generated loads of content – not only for the show, but for radio shows across the country. And finally, after 3 days, the “call girl” revealed the real message – that a new show – “The Secret Diary of a Call Girl” was premiering on the channel that night.

There was always a challenge at the BBC of how we could do interesting new things on radio to promote TV shows. Of course, this could never happen at the BBC. But then again…


The new look and sound to ITV


It’s always a big day in a radio station’s live when the new station sound arrives on air. Mostly for the on air and production team. For the listeners, it’s often a big change as the audio furniture, around something that many simply listen to, has changed. Sometimes it’s a huge change. More often than not its a more subtle one.

When a TV station changes it’s branding, the look is often more radical. Think of when BBC One changed from the balloons to the current suite of circular idents. A big change of look and sound. The same will happen soon across all BBC channels – and it’s interesting to see how important the sound of the idents is compared with the look. Often, it feels like its more of an afterthought.

Today, the ITV network has changed the way it looks and sound on air.

Take a look

What I particularly like is that there is a pretty distinctive audio identity on most of these idents. It’s a three note theme that blends within the music. Whilst an esoteric blend of audio themes does complement a visual identity, such as that of Channel Four, for me, a more distinctive sound that adapts and matches with the visual look always helps to enhance the overall branding.

You can find out more background on the ITV rebrand at the iMediamonkey blog

The Truth about Creative sessions

Wallace and Grommit run a voice session - Photo - James Stodd
Wallace and Grommit run a voice session – Photo – James Stodd


A quick post triggered by Dan McGrath at This is Bounce for anyone who has ever had to run an audio session where an advertising agency (“the creatives”) or a client (“the pains in the backside who often change their mind for no reason but ultimately hold the budget”) are in attendance.

I’ve certainly had sessions like this (though thankfully not for a very long time – but the situations are all too familiar.

If you’re in the middle of your pre-Christmas client nightmare, take a moment or two to give it a watch!

And should you need any audio or music for projects, take a look at This is Bounce – they make a nice cup of tea and often have nice biscuits in too..


BBC2 Christmas Animation


I’m now feeling more Christmassy having seen the new animations for BBC2’s Christmas idents. The Jack Frost character seems to have been thawed out and replaced by scenes from an animated town.

The idents, created by Red Bee Media with 15 Badgers feature a number of iterations including “Turkey” and “Scientist”. They are slightly off the wall, but have a real sense of fun to them. I particularly love the intricate sound design and little design details in the animation – the sort of idents that you’ll see loads more in every time you watch.

Take a look and see what you think.