Do it differently


When I say creative people – I’m not just thinking about people paid to be creative in their job titles. Obviously, anyone in any job has the ability to be creative. Not everyone is encouraged to be captive. But creativity can come in all sorts of different ways. From creative ways to solving problems to creative ways of designing a product.

As I head back into my new job – though 3 months in, it feels far from new – I’m really conscious that its more than tempting to slip into do everything the same way all the time. As work piles on and deadlines loom, the pressure to get things delivered by an all too short deadline mount up. But there are always opportunities to approach things differently. I was pleased to see that whilst I’ve been away – someone who doesn’t get involved in the creative writing process had tackled a brief for a local client. It would have been easy, and tempting, to write something pretty functional to deliver the brief. But faced with a challenge, she has written something far more fun that does the job in a more entertaining way. It may need a little polishing to make it work entirely how I’d want it to work, but the fact that she’s approached it a different way is really refreshing.

So what will you try to do differently today?

Sony Radio Awards nominated

Finally, one of my projects has been nominated for a Sony Award. For those who don’t know – the Sony Radio Academy Awards have been going for 28 years now – and celebrate the best of UK radio – from stations to presenters to producers and programmes. I’ve been part of a couple of winning entries including Lights Out London for Capital FM a few years back , but this one is purely production.

My work on the campaign for BBC Radio 3’s Composers of The Year Campaign has been shortlisted in the Best Promotional / Advertising Campaign category. And it’s up against some pretty big names too.It’s good to see 95.8 Capital FM get some nominations again this year – even if it means up against my friend Arden Hanley for his “Jingle Bell Ball” campaign. And there seems to be no stopping Jack FM too – produced by Joe Thomas. There are also entries from the BBC World Service and Real Radio too. So it’s a wide and varied field.

The Radio 3 campaign supported a very visual TV campaign which ran on TV last year. The challenge was to get across the key idea of stepping out of the “mundane” into a world where you could lose yourself in music. Here’s one of the TV trails:

These awards can be quite frustrating for a producer though as you don’t often get to hear the other entries you’re shortlisted against. So – in the spirt of sharing, I’m posting the audio from my radio campaign entry here.

Here’s Jack FM’s entry (thanks Joe):

If the other producers read this – please feel free to send me yours too and I’ll post them here too. That way – we can showcase some truly great (and very different campaigns).

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