Scottish Is.. The Longest Promo Ever?


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Having worked as a radio promo producer for many years, it’s not often that I hear a bit of production that really  grabs me and makes me sit glued listening to the radio. This morning, I think I heard it.

BBC Radio 1 are currently promoting their coverage of the T in The Park Festival in Scotland.


15 hours of television coverage for BBC Three and BBC One and Two Scotland, featuring on the HD channel, 115 hours streaming on the red button across the three days and almost 90 hours on the catch-up service. All that plus highlights for BBC Two and BBC Scotland plus 12 hours of radio on Radio One and Radio Scotland.  Starting on Three at 8pm on Friday 8th July, Edith Bowman and Reggie Yates will be in the tree house studio overlooking a newly designed site, Greg James will be out and about soaking up the atmosphere and local lads Ally McRae from Radio One and Vic Galloway from Radio Scotland will be bringing expert local knowledge

Radio 1 are running standard trails for this – including music from the artists performing and listeners talking about their passion for the event. That works really well .

But then between 2 songs on the Chris Moyles Show this morning, I heard the audio version of this between 2 other songs.


It’s a 3 minute promo. With one simple call to action. But it has created a huge buzz. It’s been produced by Matt Fisher, one of the station sound team at Radio 1 along with his colleague Rob Lewis. Matt told me:

We asked the Scottish listeners via our facebook page what being Scottish meant to them. Their replies inspired and fed into the script. Track is Biffy Clyro – God & Satan, VO is Louis Mellis – Scottish VO and Actor. 

It’s a stunningly simple piece of production. It’s under-produced. There hasn’t been a temptation to fill it with unnecessary sound effects. I really hope it wins some awards – it certainly deserves to.


4 thoughts on “Scottish Is.. The Longest Promo Ever?

  1. Wowowowowowowow. I’m not Scottish but that was one of the most amazing pieces I’ve ever heard/seen. Perfect voice for the project, sometimes in pieces like this, the whole production value lies on the casting of the voice.

  2. being scottish and now living in england i thought this was great as everything in it is 100% accurate. I would love to have the words in my office – does anyone know ehere i would get them

  3. Great post and what a fantastic trail, completely different but unique but so effective (and that’s from an englishman!)

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