Fame! FX

Here’s something for  all of you who work in radio production , particularly those of you who need to create station imaging, promos and other ear candy.

My friends Andreas and Oli at SoundQuadrat have just launched their own production library called Fame FX. I’ve  been sharing audio with them for a while  over at the BenztownBranding blog.  For aspiring imaging producers and those with lots of experience too, it’s a great read.

Here’s the demo:

When I was running the production department at Capital FM, we were constantly bombarded with news of the latest sound libraries – all designed to help give our imaging added bite. Some were great. Some were absolute tat.

In the end, we ended up working with Jeff Thomas as a production consultant – with a custom created package, and then access to his legendary library. Now that is the Godfather of movie trailer-esque sound design elements.

But for many stations – completely out of their budget.

Fame FX is a fantastic collection of ready to grab sounds – neatly categorised into 2 folders – FX and Impact Loops. And is just $299+VAT.

They say:

“The only Sound FX buyout package you need this year – an energetic, bad ass and powerful tool to make your stuff stand out. Fame FX comes with tons of mix outs, solo workparts and includes: impacts, hits, sonic IDs, starters, electronics, flyIns, combos, slow downs, stops, impact loops, zaps and much more. Get your station on the next level. This package brings you Fame.
Fame FX delivered via download and ready to roll in 3… 2… 1…”

The FX are huge – and there are a real variety – all nicely named to explain what they do – rather than random words. As a producer, I find this sort of thing really useful – random naming doesn’t really help – unless you are great at remembering that the name of the effect you need to end promos is called “HyperStaticNoiseConfuser1” or similar. I would personally like to have seen these effects categorised into more folders – since I tend to work that way – but I doubt it would take long to go through and sort out your own system.

The Impact loops are also excellent – particularly for last-minute promo elements, or if you need to slam together a top of hour for the weekend with 30 minutes notice. Many of them have a number of versions, with different elements, so that you can mix and match and use different parts within a promo.

Whether you’re producing in a big market or for student radio, this is a fantastic package.

Head over to http://www.fame-fx.com/ And tell them I sent you…

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