Broadcast Symposium 2010 Nuremberg

I’m just finishing off my presentation for the Broadcast Symposium 2010 in Nuremberg. And I need a little help from the UK.

They’ve asked me to focus on radio imaging and production in the UK – in an hour. And that will encompass all manner of stations and formats. So, I’ve narrowed it down a little – to focus on a few key stations; Capital FM, Absolute Radio, Jack FM and Radio 1. And I’ve created a virtual panel for the event – which will feature some substantial contributions (in the form of videos) with Arden Hanley at Capital, Vince Lynch at Absolute and Joe Thomas from Jack FM. I’m also throwing in some examples of how I’ve worked with imaging over the past 10 years or so as well.

But it would be great to get a quick snapshot of imaging across the rest of the Uk. So, if you’re an imaging producer at a station large or small in the Uk, and fancy featuring in a quick audio snapshot, then please email me your best promo or piece of imaging from the last few months – and I’ll try and include it in a short montage as part of the presentation. I’ll need it by this weekend. Email me –

And if you’re reading this in Germany and are coming to the event – I look forward to meeting you.

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