Rubbish Christmas Lights?

I was listening to Jo Russell on Absolute radio at the weekend when I was driving home from Ikea (spotlights, toilet roll holder and a new bedside light if you must know). She was bemoaning the fact that people put Christmas lights up too early. I absolutely agree. Rule of thumb in our house is normally the Weekend before Christmas. Just try living in a house with a 5 year old now at school and you realise that Christmas is their all consuming interest from about September!

Now I love Christmas. And nothing makes me feel more christmassy than shopping when the Christmas lights are on. But I’m really not sure about this year’s offering on Regent Street in London.

These are on the theme of “wish upon a star”. They are Eco friendly and powered by energy efficient bulbs. And the overall effect is as if the stars have descended upon the shops. Just not sure if they provide the spectacle that the lights used to. I remember when they were animated and a real thrill (though perhaps I’m putting myself in the mind of a 5 year old too much again).

Just off Regent Street, the shops on Carnaby Street look out onto something more festive… Loads of giant snowmen. Though to me, they remind me of the giant marshmallow man in Ghostbusters.

Maybe I am just getting old! 

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