The great unknown

So the inevitable has happened. After 10 years of working for one company (a rarity these days),  I’ve finally been made redundant from my job as Head of Station sound at Capital95.8 in London.

I’ve often wondered how I’d feel if it happened. And now I know. Relieved. Not because I hated it – because I didn’t. But relief to find that there is a world outside of where you work. My world is now blown wide open. A world of choices and decisions. And the best bit – I get to spend some time with the family – seeing them off to school or collecting them from school.

Of course, that’s not going to be the ultimate aim – but few a week or 2, that feels fine – a chance to recharge, refocus and reconnect with the real world.

I now find myself setting a few tasks each day – so that I don’t feel like I’ve been sitting around getting bored. yesterday felt like the most productive day. I got this blog up and running – and my biggest achievement so far has been working out how to write and build a basic website – to allow me to showcase what I’ve done. 

Today’s task – work out what to showcase of all the work I’ve done over the past 10 years.

Or if I get bored – there’s always facebook.

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