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6 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Bjarke Rasmussen says:

    Hi James,

    Just wanna say thank you for a great evening in Copenhagen! It was very nice meeting you and listening to some of your great productions! I hope you had a great time at RadioDays.

    Shoot me an e-mail when you have the time!

    All the best,
    Bjarke Rasmussen

  2. James Sampson says:


    Much enjoy reading the blog. Mate, sorry to use you as a directory service 🙂 but do you know the name of the Female American VO being used by Capital? Would much appreciate it



  3. spencer says:

    How on earth can you define what has happened to Mercury ‘Progress’. It is very much a backward step and leaves a large population – Crawley. Horsham, Reigate and Redhill without a ‘local’ radio station.

    Your blog is seemingly a little watered down to perhaps appease a potential future employer (Global). Well dont worry, I doubt they will be taking on anyone , anytime soon. What has happened is nothing short of scandalous, made all the more awful as Mercury was killed after 26 years AND now Heart has a completely different (and shite) music playlist to Mercury. Stop apologising for the indefensible.


  4. jamesstodd says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    OK – progress may not have been the correct term. But for Global, it makes complete sense of their strategy – creating large, national brands.

    I didn’t say it was good for the local population. I totally agree with you that the local area has been left without a truly local radio station. But Mercury has been watered down over the past 10 years at least since I last worked there. That’s not to say that is a good thing – but it’s the truth. It’s original incarnation provided Jazz and Rock shows; religion; gardening features and much more. But over the years, Independent Local Radio became highly competitive Commercial Radio, and this led to tighter playlists, tighter formats and fewer people. Mercury was simply a shadow of it’s former self. And most recently, it was virtually a clone of Capital FM. And since Capital was always available loud and clear across most of Mercury’s patch, you might as well tune there if you want that format.

    The post is certainly not watered down. I worked for the Capital Radio group, then GCap Media who last owned Mercury before Global took over. I, along with many friends and colleague, lost jobs when Global Radio took over 2 years ago. Many more people have suffered the same fate in the past couple of years. I am neither bitter about this, nor wanting to appease Global as a future employee.

    But that doesn’t mean I’ll go online and slag them off. They are running a business. That business is now based on running successful brands. And whether or not you like Heart – Heart has been a massive success. Radio stations change. If you don’t like what you hear, there is plenty more choice out there. The world moves on.

  5. Nic Kelly says:

    Hey James, I’m a massive fan of your work!
    I’m 15 and I’m producing for a nationwide night show here in Australia that reaches 7 million people each night.
    I love production, and its always great to hear work from a producer in another country!


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