I’m an audio branding specialist – creating audio imaging for radio brands for over 25 years

James, is an incredible Imaging Director and Producer! We love working with him Benztown Branding for a myriad of reasons. His work is amongst the best and most creative in the industry and some how he’s still able to turn around his production load quickly.

Dave "Chachi" Denes – President at Benztown

James is a fantastic promotional producer. He has incredible attention to detail and produces brilliantly creative and compelling scripts for the output across the BBC networks. His creative ambition knows no bounds and he works flexibly across any genre of content he is asked to. To match his professional expertise he also works calmly when […]

Kirsty Mullan – Head of Commercial Marketing, BBC Studios

Every time I came up with, what I thought was a difficult production brief, James came up with the goods. He’s really creative… got a great ear… and knows how to put together some fantastic imaging. Plus, he was really good at all the ‘managing’ and ‘detail’ stuff too… a rare occurance for a producer!

Nik Goodman – Bounce

James has over 10 years of production experience under his belt – and is passionate about radio. Through hard work and determination, he created a production team at Capital that had a real passion for what they did. I’ve been dealing with James as a client since the launch of Johnny Vaughan’s Capital breakfast show, […]

Paul Plant – Wise Buddah Jingles and Music Imaging

Having held various positions of management of a ‘non-stop’ production department at world famous Capital Radio in London, James is a member of a rather enviable and exclusive club. After a number of years at one of the worlds biggest commercial radio brands, (which is challenging enough), it takes a real level of skill to […]

Rick Fox, Sonic Bullet – Creator of “Crack the Code”

James is an absolutely amazing producer! While given loads of work to do and a short lead time James always rose to the occasion and exceeded expectations every time. I had the pleasure of working with James on a weekly basis and was always impressed by his professionalism and passion for what he does. James […]

Tanya Juhasz – VP, International Business development at Premiere Networks